Hard Drive Goes Live

My shiny new Blue Icy Box (new window) hard drive enclosure arrived today from Scan Computers (new window). It’s a great little piece of technology, so simple, yet so satisfying. It was up and running in less than 5 minutes, it came with both USB and firewire cables and it just plugs and goes. No problems.

With the falling cost of hard drives, it makes external storage ridiculously cheap. A 200Gb external hard drive (new window) will cost you around £100 from Scan. But a 200Gb hard drive alone will cost you less than £60. The caddy ta £23 makes the whole package just over £80 with the advantage that you can upgrade the hard drive at any point in the future. Given that you can get a 250Gb hard drive for as little as £70, that makes a pretty cheap external storage option.

What’s more, because the caddy supports both USB and Firewire as standard, you can daisy chain multiple hard drives or other firewire devices together, so long as you’ve got a firewire card in your machine. Genius. But more than that, the blue LEDs on the caddy are just pure sexuality… 🙂

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