Skype Launch Call Forwarding

I’m just in the process of downloading the latest version of Skype (new window), and I’ve just read that it includes Call Forwarding. Now that might not seem like a big deal, but I can tell you, it is a very big deal.

It means that you can now have a SkypeIn number (a real telephone number which rings on your computer) answered by a secretary and then transferred to your Skype computer, anywhere in the world. It means my Edinburgh phone number could be answered by somebody 24 hours a day, and a message taken or the call passed on to me if I’m available. It means businesses could use Skype as a virtual telephone switch. It’s free to make internal calls, and it’s dead easy to transfer calls.

I’ve noticed some call quality problems with Skype recently, but if they get that fixed, and the reliability is there, this is truly going to revolutionise not just personal telecoms but small business telecoms as well. Goodbye phone switches…

2 thoughts on “Skype Launch Call Forwarding”

  1. hi callum,

    hope you are well. so you are saying that someone can intercept the call and then forward it to another skype number? it’s just that the website makes it sound more like a form of autoforward?

    i assume you have actually given it a runout?


  2. Hmm, think you’re right Rob, it looks like you can forward calls if they’re unanswered, like on a mobile, but I’m not sure you can actually forward a call you’re on. I’ll do some investigating…

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