Scrambled Egg on Toast

I rediscovered that wonderful British tradition, scrambled egg on toast this morning. While I used to look down such simple foods (my father is French after all!) I now feel like I’ve discovered a whole new culinary experience. Who’s got time to cook properly these days? Sure, time is all about priorities, so let me rephrase, who’s got the motivation to cook properly these days? Surely soaring obesity suggests, not many poeple?!

I’m not so sure about Beans on Toast, but it’s even easier, no frying pan required! Off to buy some more eggs… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Scrambled Egg on Toast”

  1. hi,

    at the risk of sounding v. dull, might i suggest you try the micowave egg poacher from lakeland on george street. two perfectly poached eggs in under two minutes…

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