I’ve got an ipod!

Yeeehaaaa, I’ve got an ipod! It’s a sweet, sexy little beast, 60Gb, black, video compatible, will run for 20 hours on a single charge, it’s just delicious!

My delightlful little brother (new window) bought it in Singapore and has mailed it to his friend Suzy in a box with her birthday present (I hope she doesn’t think it’s for her!) so it should get here any day now.

It’s just so exciting, the first generation of video iPods, in black, ooooh, sexy as! You can check out pictures here (new window) and the specs, etc here (new window).

As well as the ipod, for a handsome £25 including delivery, I’ve bought an ipod camera connector (new window) which I discovered, courtesy of one of the reviews, will download pictures not just from a digital camera (which could be painful) but from a USB card reader!

I was going to hang for the new version of the ipod Belkin media reader (new window) which allows you to download photos directly from the media cards. However, because the new ipod doesn’t support firewire (a bold move for Apple), this device no longer works with the new ipods. The new solution of the camera connector and card reader is actually ideal, giving me the benefit of fewer devices to take with me and greater flexibility.

Ahh, I love technology when it works… 🙂

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