Black Ipod White Headphones

What an outrage I hear you cry! Absolutely you hear me respond!

My lovely, sweet, sexy, gorgeous (can you tell I’m excited??) ipod has arrived. It’s all black and uber-cool (I may have made that word up!) and all the accessories are white! Come on Apple, you didn’t really think this whole black thing through did you? I mean, seriously?

I’m now gonna have to buy some equally uber-cool black headphones to match the uber-cool black ipod. That and a little, slinky case of course, I refuse to accept that my ipod will eventually get scratched, never I say, never, I’ll protect it with my life!

DSC 7201

One thought on “Black Ipod White Headphones”

  1. Those Apple earbuds have TERRIBLE sound quality anyway, as I’m sure you’ve found by now.
    I use a great set of Koss earbuds that have rubber inserts that slip partly into your ear and greatly increase the bass. And they’re BLACK (with my white iPod).

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