My first video on my iPod

I just watched my very first video on my brand spanking new iPod. It’s a great little screen, very bright, really easy to watch, you could easily watch a TV program or a movie on it, although it might get tiring having to hold the screen at the right angle. Great for my upcoming trip to Bangkok though, I’ll have to get some good movies and a few series of CSI ready!

Getting video onto the iPod is not quite as easy as getting music onto it. You can’t just pop in a DVD and rip it to your iPod. However, there is a great little program called Videora iPod Converter (new window) which will take video files on your PC and conver them to the right format for your iPod. To rip a DVD you first need to extract the video from the DVD and decrypt it, check out this tutorial (new window) and ignore the PSP section.

Once you’ve got the files in the right format it’s dead easy to get them onto the iPod, iTunes will sync them on, with similar options as for music files. Now to select some “appropriate” videos for iPod consumption… 🙂

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