Dodgy USB PCI Card

I had no idea that USB was such a flaky technology. I’ve been trying to migrate data from my old 40Gb hard drive onto my new 100Gb hard drive for my laptop. As they’re both 2.5″ drives, and I only have one USB caddy, I’m having to copy the data onto my desktop PC then back onto the new hard drive.

I’ve been having huge problems with the data not being accessible, the machine complaining that the drive was corrupted, and all sorts of other problems. In the end, I’ve got it working beautifully on the computer’s own USB ports instead of the extra four USB2 ports. It won’t run anything like as quickly, but it’s working like a peach.

There was me fearing I’d lost my data all because of a damned USB PCI card not working properly. Don’t trust technology I tell you, don’t trust it… šŸ™‚

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