Settling In Just Fine

It’s official, I’m settling in just fine! I’ve bought myself the very dreaded flip flops, a backpacker’s best friend. I know, all of those who know me well will be asking yourselves, “Callum in flip flops, you mean, not wearing shoes, surely not??”. Well, you’ll just have to trust me on this one, I won’t be forwarding any photographic evidence, I won’t be allowing any photographic evidence to be recorded!

I’m sitting in a newly discovered internet cafe which supports wireless, so I can be online with my laptop (you didn’t think I’d leave it at home did you?? 🙂 I’ve also discovered that there is an open wireless access point next door to the cafe, which is what I’m using. So next time I’ll just take a seat next door and enjoy the benefits of wireless gratis! Ahh, there’s always an angle to play, some things never change!

I met a nice weagie girl in the hostel yesterday who was acting as my personal tourist guide. It was great to see a bit of the town (Chiang Mai) without having to get out the guide book and look like a gormless tourist crying “rob me, rob me, will somebody please rob me!”.

I was pretty dead when I arrived yesterday, 40 hours of travelling will do that to you! Still, I managed to push on through and head out for a few too many beers last night. It all ended up on the sofas back at the Guest House next to the swimming pool (oh, did I mention the swimming pool, etc for about £3 a night?!) polishing off a couple of cold ones before turning in.

Naturally, today was spent in the good British tradition of hangover recovery! I got up briefly about mid-day to fetch some more water, then spent the afternoon lying about! It’s now 18:40 local time so we’re going to grab a bite to eat and then it’s off to the airport to meet my wee bro. It’s a bit odd really, haven’t seen the little beggar in about 4 months, and, I haven’t seen his tattoo yet, sorry, I mean, I haven’t had a chance to mock his tattoo in person yet! 🙂

Well, best be off and buy some food for 50p. I’ve got to stop thinking in pounds, I’m in Thailand now, 35baht for a meal is expensive, let’s try the next place…

2 thoughts on “Settling In Just Fine”

  1. Well, well – just slipped off to the other side of the globe without saying goodbye to some of the old godgers back home. What a shit – but I guess I probably would have done the same when I was your age – young and rairing to go. Where’s the pics of wonderful Thailand or, is it a bit too soon. Can we expect some pictorial evidence that you are actually where you say you are – might be that you have just nipped up the road to Perth and are lying low for a couple of months.

    Say hello to Fergie and have a great time.

    Cop cun cap

  2. Of course I snuck out, I’ve never been the grand goodbye type! Anyway, you’ll have to stop winging and get out here to say hello! 🙂

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