Heading for Laos Tomorrow

We spent 5 punishing hours on a lovely Thai bus today heading north, south, east or west from Chiang Mia to Chiang Khong in preparation for our trip into Loas tomorrow. We’re taking a speedboat from here to Luang Prabang in Laos tomorrow. Apparently it’s 7 hours wearing a helmet and a lifejacket on a tiny speed boat next to two roaring engines deafening those without earplugs. Ahh, you’ve got to love the backpacking experience!

I realised today why so many Thais have 4x4s out here. You get out of the cities and the roads are pretty good. Then every few miles on certain stretches you find great big gaping holes in the ground where the road used to be! It was fun watching the bus navigate round them, some of them big enough to challenge even the hardiest of 4×4.

It’s been interesting seeing a bit of Thai life today though, as we drove through the countryside. Seeing locals and how they live without the effects of Tourism. I’ve found the writing the most striking though. Thai script is rather like art, all the letters are curvy and picturesque, there’s no harsh shapes like in the English language. It almost seems like a reflection of Thai culture, warm and welcoming or soft and gentle.

Having said that, we saw some Muay Thai boxing the other night and that was anything but gentle. Some of it looked like play fighting, but I tell you what, these guys kick some serious ass! Makes you think about arguing too hard about prices!

Until Laos, see you in the cyber…

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