Found My Brother!

Sure enough, our highly clandestine meeting point in the central square in this postage stamp sized village worked out perfectly. The rendevous was a success, and brotherly contact has been re-engaged.

We’re now looking into ways to head further north in Laos before heading east to Hanoi in Vietnam. Apparently the scenery if you travel by boat is some of the best scenery in Laos. However, we’re unsure how easy it’ll be to get to the border by bus. At last, we might have ourselves a little off the beaten track adventure. Negotiating to reduce the ferrang-tax (white tax!) in Lao or Thai or pigeon English, whichever language we share the most of. Bring it on!

That brings this quick update to a close, didn’t want to leave you hanging about the little bro situation, so until next time on the ether…

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