A Cold Fergus

Fergus (new window) has obviously been in Singapore for too long, it’s apparently 10 degrees in Hanoi today and he’s struggling with the cold! Crazy or what?? It’s not that cold, not compared to sunny Scotland…

We survived our motorbike expedition, although there were a few hairy moments, no near misses. Good thing we got a bit of practice in Thailand before arriving here because learning to ride a motorbike on the streets of Hanoi would not be advisable! It’s absolute pandemonium on the roads out here.

We’re heading south tonight as it happens, on the overnight bus to Hue. Not a bad deal, the bus from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City is only $20 USD and we can stop in up to 5 places en-route for free. The place round the corner was trying to charge us $21 USD plus $5 per stop! Nowt like a bit of shopping around to make a Scotsman feel at home.

We even exacted a little revenge on the hotel for treating us like crap over the last few days. We found out the bus to Hue leaves at night, so we checked out at 4pm and I calmly told them that they hadn’t informed me the checkout time was 12pm so why should I pay for this evening’s accomodation when I had never intended to stay there?? After some discussion he politely told us to f*** off, so I took a dump in the bed to really seal the deal! I’m kidding… 🙂

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