The First Rain in Asia

Yes, it’s true, I have witnessed the first ever rain in Asia! It was raining in Hanoi yesterday, I even got a little bit wet! Admittedly it’s been as cold as home, so I had my jacket on and it really wasn’t that much rain, but it did seem to get worse as the night wore on and we could hear it as we went to bed.

I didn’t manage to get the haircut, I had a very busy day you know! I managed to raise my high score on Dynomite Deluxe (very stupid, tetris like game) to a whopping 15’000. I even managed to get some snaps of the market and the real Vietnamese negotiating in Hanoi. They’ll be online soon…

We’re considering hiring motor bikes, although Fergus (new window) reckons Hanoi is one of the most dangerous cities in the world to drive in. Don’t worry mum, we’ll behave, hahaha 🙂

We’re heading south tomorrow, Hue looks like the next stop. It’s close to the former de-militarized zone where there are some war tunnels which allowed the North Vietnamese to retain control of areas very close to Saigon (as it was in those days). I don’t know, Fergus want’s to see the culture, I’m just hoping it’ll be warmer and there is a beach!

See ya on the cyber…

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  1. hey callum. great entries – keep up the good work – brill to hear about your trip. Don’t travel all the time, take some time out to soak up the places too! JC.

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