Vietnam The Scam

It’s true so far, most people here try to scam you. We bought some bread last night from a woman on the street and only had a 50’000 note (that’s about £2 GBP) and she tried to charge us 3’000 for a loaf. They normally cost 1’000, so Fergus insisted that we get it for that and eventually she gave us 3 loaves instead of 1. Come on, do we need to get shafted purely because we’re white??

The hotel tried to scam me yesterday, well, they did successfully get me to pay some ridiculous price for having used the printer, despite the fact there was nothing to tell you it cost anything, and the computers and internet are all free for people staying in the hotel.

On the 3 day boat trip, we stayed on the boat for about 24 hours before being off-loaded with our luggage to a bus, hiked up a hill, bus to a hotel, lunch at the hotel, bus to kayaking in the afternoon, then bus back to the hotel, bus to another boat in the morning and then lunch in a restaurant and a bus home. Not exactly a boat trip but a medley of boat travel. Anyway, the screw the tourist part was the beer on the boat. A draught beer in Vinh cost us 4’000, they were charging 18’000 for a can on the boat. You can buy it on the street for around 6’000.

Still, I ought to stop moaning and enjoy the country before I get out and never come back!

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  2. Raymond, you are a constant source of knowledge, that’ll definitely be going on the Christmas list, I was just thinking about a few things I might pop on the list for my dear old rellies at home!

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