At last, some photos

Some photos are finally online. We’ve found a really nice guest house in Hue with internet access and one of their computers is down so I can plug in my laptop as often as I want without having to queue!

The first photos are from the trip from Chiang Mia, Thialand through Luang Prabbang, Laos are now online.

The second lot are from out trip to Halong Bay in North Vietnam and shots around Hanoi, Vietnam.

One thought on “At last, some photos”

  1. Hey Callum. Pics are awesome. Looks amazing – am v. jealous!!! The email sub thing I’m using is bloglet – lookup on google. My only prob with it is that I’m not sure how good the reporting is – i.e. not sure if you can export the email list if u ever wanna leave their service, and also not sure if it can tell u how many susbcribers u have. Anyway, keep uploading the snaps – look fab. JC.

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