iPod Moments

In the first few days I was a little sceptical about how much I’d use my iPod. I didn’t use it at all on the train to London, the flight to Bahrain, the flight to Bangkok or the flight to Chiang Mia. Overall I think iPods are generally pretty antisocial. They make music the centrepiece, not a background addition to a situation. With the iPod on you hear very little of what’s going on around you, and are essentially withdrawn into your own world.

Having done all that travelling alone and not used it once, I figured it was unlikely I’d use it all that much. I had been meaning to get portable speakers for it, so as to add background music, but I don’t have them yet. However, we’ve just arrived in Hue on the night bus from Hanoi. The bus leaves between 7 and 8pm and arrives between 7 and 8am the following morning.

In that mirky, twilight period between 8ish and 10ish when the lights on the bus are off and everybody’s generally quiet but not yet sleeping, well in that period the iPod truly shines. It’s what you might call an iPod moment. It’s personal time, time for reflection, time spent preparing for a rought night’s sleep on a basic bus. In that time, the iPod is a truly wonderful travelling companion and well worth its weight in your pack.

Until my next iPod moment, see you on the ether…

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