One Dollar, One Haircut

I’ve just had my first asian haircut today. 1 dollar, 1 haircut by not one but two Vietnamese women. One woman cut my hair, admittedly with a pair of clippers, and the other brushed the hair off aftewards. It did seem to take forever, but then I suppose they had to make me feel I was getting my money’s worth.

The beauty of keeping my hair short is it requires a very simple explanation. Clippers, number 2 all over please. I’m not sure it was actually a number 2, it seems a bit longer than usual, but what the heck, it’s tidier than it was yesterday and that’s the main thing.

It was funny waiting for my change. The girls in the shop were holding up a baby and telling it to wave to me, then laughing hysterically. It was a bit like being an animal in a zoo, but maybe only a little bit like it.

Meanwhile Ferg (new window) went off to get some culture at some palace or other, I don’t know, it cost three times the price of my haircut just to get in and I’m just not that big a fan of culture. Vive la pampering, non la culture!

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