Warming to Vietnam

As this day has rolled on and my time in Vietnam outside Hanoi has increased, I’m really rather warming to the country. I’m certainly no longer on a mission to leave it as soon as is humanly possible. The people outside of Hanoi seem far more friendly, although they still have the hunger of a country westernising from communism they seem less intent on ripping you off left, right and centre.

We’re heading south tomorrow to Hoi An as Hue is a pretty small place to spend too much time. They run tours from here to the former de-militarised zone, but they take a full day and stop at about 10 sites of which we only want to see 1. They also don’t stop at the cemetery which we do want to see, so we’ve decided to skip that and head south. Naturally, when I say we I mean what Fergus wants to do! 🙂

The fact that it’s been raining today and still a similar temperature to Scotland has nothing to do with us wanting to head south, purely coincidence I tell you, if you believe in such things…

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