Another bus adventure

Today we’re again heading ssouth to Hoi An on yet another bus. This one isn’t so bad, we leave at 8am (about 5 minutes ago) and arrive around 1pm, so it’s only a little 5 hour stretch. However, Hoi An is a great city for having clothes made, there are over 200 tailors I’m told, but on the other hand, it’s not a great city for drinking beer and partying like wild animals, so alas, we’ll be on the next bus out which leaves at 8pm and will deliver us somewhat tired into Nha Trang the next morning.

According to the trusty Lonely Planet, you can have your debauched 24 hour party in Nha Trang if you like. Well yes I do like thank you very much, so that’s where we’ll be spending this fine Saturday night. I just think it would be a tradgedy to be stuck in Tailor Town on a Saturday night!

Might have intermittent access over the next few days, so until next time, see you on the ether…

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