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It’s been a day of book buying today. I bought Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons for a mere 50’000 Vietnamese Dong, or around 3 US dollars. Not a bad price really. It’s not the best photocopy in the world, but it’s a lot better than some I’ve seen!

Then I traded Tom Clancy’s Op Centre for Tom Clancy’s Op Centre – State of Siege and 25’000 Vietnamese Dong, the equivelant of about 1 pound sterling. Not the best deal in the world given that the previous book to that was a mere pound to buy and I swapped it for free for Op Centre. However, we’ve got a long bus ride tonight and it’d be a pain not to have a book.

Having 2 books now means I’ve got more weight to carry, but it also means when I fininsh one I can swap the other while reading the second one. So in principle, I should always have a book on the go!

Other than all this book business, we were out last night. I made it back about 6 this morning. It was a reasonable night, not quite the 24 hour debauched beach party the Lonely Planet promised us, but it’ll do! We’re heading south again to Ho Chi Minh City tonight, yet another night bus to look forward to!

It shouldn’t be all that bad, it’s a mere 11 hours and the road should be reasonable, Ho Chi Minh’s a pretty big place so I’m guessing it must have a reasonable road.

It’s amazing how much time you spend discussing plans with other travellers. It’s the constant topic of conversation, are you going to Cambodia, I hear Sihanoukville’s great. We’re going to Mui Ne, oh yeah, I hear the weather there’s pretty bad at the moment. Really, I heard it was great. What about Phu Quoc, it’s right next to Sihanoukville, must be ok weather. Hmm, check the forecas, no it loosk pretty bad as well. And so on it goes.

I’m looking forward to relaxing the pace a bit in Cambodia. Mosying around as I see fit. I saw a job advert last night for promotional work at a bar here in Nha Trang, so I’m hoping there’ll be some work down in Cambodia on the coast. Sihanoukville’s meant to be the new Thailand and there’s rumours of lots of work, so I might be pulling pints and whipping up cocktails on the beach Tom Cruise-esque before too long!

We’ve gotta check out of the hotel now and get ready for the bus, so until next time, see you on the ether!

3 thoughts on “Books aplenty”

  1. hey babe,

    good book, angels and demons. just wanted to leave a message to say hi, missing you loads and hope you’re having loads of fun!! expect some visitors soon!!!!

    nadine xx

  2. Hey Callum. Sounds like all is going great! Can’t wait for more pics (especially of you mixing cocktails!!). PS I heard that the hallion part of my do may have been painful for u in terms of rellies annoying u – how was it honestly???!

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