Reached Phnom Penh

A light 8 hour bus ride today took me to Phnom Penh from Ho Chi Minh City. I left Ferg behind heading to the Cu Chi tunnels and possibly a cruise of the Mekong Delta.

So far Phnom Penh is great. I’m staying at a guest house on a lake, there are loads of them, and we arrived, checked into a 3 dollar room between two, got a cold beer, and sat in a row of hammocks watching some telly. This is the sort of country I want to visit!

Rushed update just now, but no doubt more to follow soon.

2 thoughts on “Reached Phnom Penh”

  1. I would be going to Cambodia, Vietnam by March next year. I’m now doing my itineraries, etc. The guest house you mentioned in Phnom Penh seems charming and inexpensive. Can you tell me its name and where it is located?


  2. Hi Dexter,

    The first guest house I stayed in was called Lakeside, but there are 2 of them, which gets a little confusing! However, for $3 you don’t get a hot shower, so I’ve now moved to a guest house called Narin 1 (again, there are two Narin’s!) where I get a single room for $2 or a double / twin for $3 and there is a shared bathroom with a hot shower. That’s the cheapest way to get a hot shower, otherwise you’re looking at $5 a room.

    Good luck – Callum.

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