Missing Shoes

I’m really missing not having shoes out here. My guide book listed shoes as one of the things most travellers take and never use, so I left them behind, but it just doesn’t feel right being in a club wearing flip flops.

However, I’ve decided having two pairs of shoes would be utterly ridiculous, so if I decide to get a pair of leather shoes, I’m going to have to ditch my blackspot sneakers (new window). Oh the choices!

Another item on the everybody carries but never uses was smart trousers, but again, I’m beginning to think differently. I’m thinking a pair of light, smartish black trousers would match the shoes perfectly, thus completing my out-on-the-razz outfit. Of course, if I don’t buy the shoes, the trousers would be silly on flip flops.

Oh what a conundrum, to buy shoes, not to buy shoes, you see the important things that occupy my time travelling! 🙂

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