Cambodia Continues

I met Fergus yesterday, totally randomly, in the market. I was wandering around when we decided to stop at a food stall and get something to eat. Who should be sat there but the wee man himself? Even in South East Asia, it’s still a small world!

I’m finally starting to see the sights today, after being here for about 4 days. We’re going to see the palace this afternoon, it’s supposed to a fantastic example of Khmer architecture in it’s day.

Fergus has already been to the ex-prison which is now a museum, so I’m probably going to see that and the killing fields tomorrow. There are over 8’000 human skulls in the giant memorial at the killing fields, and the museum is supposed to be even more harrowing with pictures of the tortures that went on.

The sun is still beating down (yes mum I’m wearing a hat and factor! :)) and the mosquitos are still on the rampage. I’ve officially declared war and am preparing various forms of chemical warfare, I don’t intend to be beaten by a bunch of damned insects!

Another significant event, I beat Ferg in 2 out of 3 games of pool yesterday. He plays snooker for his university team, I can assure those of you who don’t already know, it’s a big deal!

One thought on “Cambodia Continues”

  1. hey again,

    sounds like you are having a fabbie time!! well, much like yourself by the sounds of it – i am recovering after a full night of debauchery!! and work in the morning so my brother and i are just going for some retail therapy! enjoy yourself babe, and speak very soon!! big hug.

    nadine xx

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