Another Day in Paradise

Fergus has gone south to Kompot today, he’s going to spend a few days there touring around on a motorbike before we meet up in Sihanoukville for xmas. We’ve already agreed on a no gifts policy, so that’s taken a weight off my mind! 🙂

I’m still hanging around in Phnom Penh waiting for Roland to arrive. He’s talking about a flight on Wednesday or something equally ridiculous. Not to worry, I’ve told him to get his ass in gear and get a flight today, so we’ll see what happens!

I guess another day (it’s already 2pm!) by the lakeside playing a bit of pool is called for…

2 thoughts on “Another Day in Paradise”

  1. Hey – sounds like u are having a well earned break from busses etc! If I don’t speak to u before, have an awesome and oddly warm christmas! JC.

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