Cambodia and Sex Tourism

I really didn’t notice for the first few days, but the only women in Cambodian bars and clubs are prostitutes. The first few days we were hanging out with a few groups of backpackers, so I didn’t really notice what else was going on, but then I met a few folk who mentioned it, and I started noticing that every single bar you go into is full of women, and a few western or local guys.

We went to the main club in Phnom Penh called Heart of Darkness and there was literally one wester woman. It’s a crazy town. One guy started talking to me in another club as if the only reason you’d possibly be in Cambodia is to meet prostitutes. He talked about it like it was so obvious it didn’t even bear mentioning.

It’s a weird place. We got out of Phnom Penh today and we’re now in Sihanoukville where we’re planning to spend xmas. However, Fergus is here as well, so we’ll see how it goes, we might head out of Cambodia earlier if this place is no better.

Add to that I just had the very worst meal of my life, well, perhaps not, but definitely the worst meal since I’ve been away. Don’t go to Craig and Mick’s in Sihanoukville, you have been warned!

We’ll see what the beach scene has to offer tonight…

8 thoughts on “Cambodia and Sex Tourism”

  1. Yes, but apparently they velly flendly and good time is only one dolla…one dolla (Must be repeated)

    I know this cos I read it somewhere.

    …and don’t give me that old line “..I didn’t know they were prozzies…honestly your honour…I was only in there for a coke and I
    accidentaly fell over on top of one and a part of my body accidentally got
    stuck in hers…” Defence.

    As a (hopefully) “healthy” young man you disappoint me…

  2. Don’t know personally I think i’ts quite nice to hear that occasionally men do think rather than just act on the basest level possible?

  3. Hahaha, sex, has to be the most commented on post on my whole site! I don’t have a moral or ethical problem with people (both men and women) paying for sex. As far as I’m concerned, it’s between grown ups, they can do as they please.

    The flip side of it here is that I guess most people are not in the business by choice. The other real down side in Cambodia is the child sex industry, there are posters everywhere saying “child sex tourists, don’t turn away, turn them in” or “sexually abuse a child here, go to jail here or at home”.

    Raymond, I offer no defence, for that would suggest I had done something I was uncomfortable with… 😉

  4. hehe why you said bad about my country. Even though my country is poor but people mind not poor. 1 thing that mention about u say that khmer meal was worst. i cout not understand about you. We are from different culture so we are not the same. It is always happen aroun the world. It is culture shock

    1. I’m not sure what to make of your comment. I wrote that post in 2005, almost 5 years ago now. I was a very inexperienced traveller and somewhat ignorant of the world beyond my home town. The meal I mentioned was, I believe, sold by expats in Cambodia, not by local people. Looking back, Cambodia is one of the countries I enjoyed most in South East Asia. I’ve recommended to lots of other travellers that they visit Cambodia.

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