The Beach!

We finally made it to the beach yesterday, swimming in the sea, sunbathing, even some beach cricket! Looks like we’ll be having the grand beach cricket final on xmas day! Fantastic…

My first xmas on the beach, it’s xmas eve and I had to remind myself of that this morning. Trying to figure out who I need to phone tomorrow, how much that’s going to cost me from an internet cafe, and what time is good, etc, etc. So the long and the short of it is, I ain’t calling nobody! 🙂

It’s been nice to finally have a bit of a holiday, we’ve spent a day now on the beach and it finally feels like taking it easy. There are no mosquitos, I’ve got some sun block, beers are 50 cents, what more could a man ask for? Don’t answer that…

If you’re reading this, have a great festive season, I hope it presents some time to reflect, and I’ll attempt to bash out a festive email around new year.

3 thoughts on “The Beach!”

  1. hey babe,

    just a note to wish you a happy christmas. im jealous!! freezing here of course. chillin at ma parents and being spoilt. what more could a girl ask for!!

    speak soon and look after yourself.

    lots of love nadine xx

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