Our Own Tribute

A small gesture to pay our huge, heartfelt tribute.

Thailand Kath Our Flowers Wide

Thailand Kath Our Flowers Note

We’ll never forget you Kath. All we hope now is you can rest in peace.
The Scottish Lads.
Callum, Fergus, Roland + Wesley

We laid flowers where we last saw Kath alive. We’ll never forget.

4 thoughts on “Our Own Tribute”

  1. Loni came over last night and wanted to get in touch but you know Doris and modern technology don’t mix well.

    I’ve kept both the Evening News and Daily Mail but from reading all the comments I take it you’ve managed to get a copy? (I’ll keep them anyway, and any other pieces that are published).

    We both send our love and Freddie says “keep your chin up”.
    Take care
    Ali and Loni xx

  2. I just wanted to say i was really sorry to hear about what happened, i cant imagine how awful it must be. Thinking of you x

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