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It sounds like the Daily Mail (new window) are doing pretty extensive background research on me at home. They have contacted my mum and Spokes (new window) a cycling organisation I’m involved with and have been contacting other people and organisations.

If you read this and they should contact you, I don’t have a problem with you speaking to them. If you don’t want to say anything, just tell them that politely and I’m sure they’ll respect your position. Obviously it feels a little invasive to be researched by a newspaper at home while I’m thousands of miles away, but I’m sure they’ll get (at least a slightly) positive image!

I’m keen to see a copy of the coverage they print. I realise that right now it’s 3am at home, but if you read this and have a copy of the daily mail, please forward a copy if you can. If you can email me a summary of the coverage that’d be great.

I should also say it’s likely the British press will report that the Thai press have printed that Kath’s underwear was found in my bungalow. I can categorically say, on record, this is not the case. Kath’s underwear was found in her own bungalow. This is supported by everyone here and the Thai police. My personal opinion is that there was a mix up with the numbers in the Thai press. We were in bungalow 4 and Kath and Ruth were in bungalow 2. I understand the Thai press simply printed that the underwear was found in bungalow 4, they did not suggest it was found in somebody else’s bungalow.

To everyone who’s been in touch, thanks for your support.

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  1. Page 11 Daily Mail. Big picture of you in red shirt carrying bottle of beer.
    Taken whilst you’re not looking I suspect. That way they get a more
    incriminating picture…pretty standard tabloid stuff.
    The headline makes it look (to the untrained eye) as if you’re a suspect!
    But as you read on it’s clear that you’re not. Most of the quotes are
    taken directly from this site. very tabloid, semi-sensationalist.
    Tomorrows chip paper. If you need any advice on handling the press feel
    free to call me. Whatever you do don’t say “No comment”. Co-operate and
    get the name of the journalist. Betters still, prepare a written statement.
    That way they cannot mis-quote you.

  2. Hi Callum. Got the paper. Do u still need it scanned and emailed to you? If you do, email me at work and I’ll do it. Paper is pretty incriminating from first visual impressions, especially the way they have illustrated the location of your cabin in relation to the girls, and the headline they use. But as Raymond says, when you read the article, it makes it clear the cops are not treating you as a suspect. If u want a hand with a statement, I’m happy to run it by my press expert pal to get their comments. JC.

  3. Raymond, based on your advice previously I had a statement prepared for the second journalist onwards! As always, your words of wisdom served me well! 🙂

  4. Hey Callum. There are also stories mentioning you in the Evening News (a big piece), the Record and the Scotsman. I’ll get them all tonight and email them scanned to you if you need them. Clippings without pics from them are on google news. JC.

  5. The daily mail piece has been scanned, typed and sent already in case anyone’s doing that now…

    Let me know if it never made it.

  6. Yeh, looks like the Evening News (first edition anyway)have pretty much pulled most of the info from your website.However they seem to be taking a more sympathetic slant on how bad it was for an Edinburgh boy, such as yourself, to have to break the news to Kaths family.Which at least is a little less incriminating than the tabloid slant of “well these guys have had to to hand over DNA samples.”Anyway I have no doubt of your collective capabilities to cope with this for the moment.Take care and get in touch if you guy’s need anything.Gill.

  7. I got Dave’s copy of the Mail (thanks Dave), if anyone else has scanned copies of the other papers that’d be great.

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