Moving Up in the World

I decided after the longest week of my life I’d treat myself to a bit of luxury on Koh Phi Phi. I thought a room with air con, a tv, a fridge, a mini bar, room service, a hot shower, a luxurious double bed, you know the sort of thing…

Thailand Koh Phi Phi Tent

Thailand Koh Phi Phi Toilet

Err, what happened?

Not sure how long I’ll stay here in Phi Phi, as you can see accomodation is somewhat at a premium. The tent that I’m calling home for the next few days is costing me 200 baht a day, or the same as the hotel room with en-suite bathroom where I stayed in Surat Thani on my way here. It seems that post-tsunami Phi Phi is still a popular place to visit and as there’s so much less accomodation, people are paying 500 or 1000 baht for rooms that would cost 300 or less anywhere else.

I did see a poster for tsunami cleanup volunteers, so I’m going to check that out today, and also look at the other, quieter beaches on the island. You never know, I might find my Thai island paradise yet…

One thought on “Moving Up in the World”

  1. Yeh things would be a bit rough on a post tsunami island,but a tent,that’s a wee bit drastic!Ah searching for the perfect beach as yet unspoiled by tourism,does it exist?I’m fairly tempted to take a copy of the beach to the beach as a kind of personal reality check.Well hope you find better living conditions soon.Take care.

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