Staying on Phi Phi a while

I’ve been on the island less than 24 hours and I’ve found a bar with free wifi and got myself sorted out with free accomodation and a wee bit of cash for a few hours work in a bar. It may not be the island paradise I had in mind, but with free wifi and a place to stay without spending any money, it’ll certainly do for a while at least.

So anyone reading this in the region and heading this way at some point, give me a shout.

I should be able to upload more pics, and sort out one or two things that have been needinig done for a while now that I have reliable, unlimited, free, free, free, free internet! Can you tell the key thing here is free internet? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Staying on Phi Phi a while”

  1. hi Callum. Glad to hear things have settled. Are you doing Tom Cruise impressions on the bar? It is hard to surf the net and shake cocktails though isn’t it??!! Jc.

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