Koh Lanta

After getting sorted with a job, a place to stay, and getting a handle on the lie of the land, I decided to leave Koh Phi Phi this morning. I decided 15 minutes before the boat left and was back at the pier, bag packed, in about 14 minutes!

There are no cars on Phi Phi, the whole place is compacted into one small resort, with a few really, really quiet ones a boat ride or half hour walk away. I much prefer Koh Lanta, it’s more spread out, there’s more space on the beach, and more local people getting on with their lives irrelevantly of these weird foreigners who come here to do nothing.

Alas, I’m devastated (and shocked) to say I left behind the free internet of Phi Phi for the ridiculously expensive, satellite broadband of Lanta. Fear not, my search will begin in the morning for the free wifi spot on Lanta, there’s always one hiding somewhere…

What are plans if you don’t change them?

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