Movies Galore

I’ve found a guest house on Koh Lanta which has a big TV and a whole suitcase of DVDs. As long as you buy something to eat or drink (which is entirely reasonable) you can sit and watch as many movies as you like. I spent the day there today and I’m moving there tomorrow! Movies on the beach, with Thai food brought to your lap in front of the TV, what better place could there be to chill out for the next few days?

It is a little odd being on my own after having been in the thick of an international news story, surrounded by people, with the phone ringing constantly. It’s been one extreme to the other. It is nice to have a bit of peace, but a little less peace would also be nice. I’ll see what Koh Lanta’s night life has to offer tonight, I fell asleep at 7 last night.

I’m still in the market for a pocket digital camera so I can bring you, my lovely readers, more regular photos, I know pictures are easier than words. The Canon SD200 (new window) looks like a winner if anyone out there is feeling particularly generous! (Any journalists I’ve helped out over the last week?? :))

3 thoughts on “Movies Galore”

  1. hey, maybe you can tell us in details on how these people, specifically the journalists, hounded and hunted you for pictures, stories, and statements. was it annoying, threatening, intruding?

  2. I wouldn’t use the word “hounded”. Somebody had to talk to the press, and nobody else felt comfortable doing it, so I felt it would be easier for me to talk to them than let everyone be hassled if everyone said “no comment”. All in all the press were fine, the News of the World girl was a little … insensetive, but otherwise, they were fine. A few journos even bought me lunch and the odd beer, so I can’t complain overall.

  3. S200 huh….not really looked into the camera market for pocket size digitals but if you reckon thats the best bet then i can prob pick you up one in Singapore. I should be going to digital land sometime soon to get myself the juicy D50 so i can check if there are any offers on ones similar too….
    Now….i did say pick you one up…not pick and pay for one! lol 😉

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