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I have now moved to movieland and have spent another day on the beach eating, drinking and watching DVDs. Yes it’s a hard life. Was out last night, fairly late one, I eventually found my way home about 8am this morning. Needless to say I was a little late checking out of my guest house!

I’ve really got to lay off the Chang beer, although it’s normally the cheapest it’s about 6.4% or something equally ridiculous! Nasty stuff. My head’s somewhat feeling the pain today. Not that I’d moan or anything, I am on the beach watching DVDs, so I’ve got the whole thing in perspective!

Alas, my search for free internet continues, I didn’t get very far from the beach yesterday… 🙂

7 thoughts on “More Movies”

  1. yo! the chang thing!

    i can consume five big bottles of chang! how about you callum?

    yeah, headache the following day 🙂

  2. Five big Changs, you mean with your meal right, before you actually go out and get started on the proper drinking? 😉

  3. Hello callum,
    Even if the year started very hard….I’m sure the 11 other months will be better for you !
    I hope you meet what (wifi spot…) and who (the one and only girl…) you are looking for ;–))
    If your way leads you to Laos, you can visit a friend of mine (Kleber : you met him for the weeding in Poland). He is working and building a great barrage near Vientiane. I can send his email to you if you need.
    And now, stand up and walk again…
    We often think of you…
    Isabelle & Christian

  4. yeah man ive been on the sauce recently too. Been at vegas last night party till6am in true style picked some randoms off the street on the way home from the club.
    Much amusement when Joannes hangover was far worse than mine this morning. Grumpy an understatement. Spent alll day in bed + indian takeaway and watchiung pirates of carrabian. it rocks.
    call this a comment, more llike a f*cking essay! fingers off the keyboard lad. Do it! Do one! One for all and all for one…

  5. apologies for the last quote which was ill referenced. One for all is in fact a muskateer saying and not a pirate one. But whats this i see, the exhibitionist part of my ego creeping over into your webspace – nothing less than mutiny… Avast me hearties!!!

  6. Christian, thanks for the kinds words. If I make it back to Laos I’ll certainly email you. Likewise, if you guys are anywhere in Asia, be sure to drop me an email.

    Roscosian aka ambassador of the high seas, as usual, the quality of the verbal diohriasanosis (can’t spell that damned word!) pouring fourth from your vessels of splendour is as high as the kites that do fly.

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