Leaving Koh Lanta

Oh how quickly plans change! I’m looking at doing my PADI (new window) open water scuba diving qualification and it will cost around $250 USD pretty much anywhere in Thailand. It costs around $150 in Malaysia, so I think I’ll head down to Malaysia next. The $100 saving should cover my transport there and a few days accomodation.

However, as a first stop, I’m going to go in completely the wrong direction to Bangkok. I’m craving a bit of urban culture. Koh Lanta is very, very quiet, which is great, but it’s been about a week now, and it’s time to re-enter a more lively world. That and there are loads of places with free Wifi in Bangkok so I’ll be able to cyber-reconnect with the world.

The joy of backpacking, I can change my mind and leave the next day, no hassle!

2 thoughts on “Leaving Koh Lanta”

  1. actually that sounds amazing. I had no idea it would be so cheap to complete such a course. Getting a scuba certificate is one of my life “goals”, but i had always resigned it to the “silver” stage of my life where i would be waltzing around with a steve martin wig and tasteful suite on, a daisy chain of nubile hippy chicks looking for a surrogate father figure trailing behind me.
    However that seems amazingly attainable and i am making such a marmalade of my life at the mo i may have to take wjats coming to me, bite the mouthpiece and suck the oxygen

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