Koh Lanta Conclusion

Koh Lanta is a lovely little island. It truly is a Thai beach paradise. The diving here is meant to be some of the best in the world, and if I become a diving instructor I may well come back here and spend a few months diving. The laid back, friendly atmosphere has been a real change from the more commercialised, tourist resort type places I’ve seen in Thailand.

I’ve never had to take a taxi if I didn’t want to, I’ve always been able to hitch a lift, at any time of the night or day. People are genuinely helpful and hospitable. It’s been a great week and I look forward to coming back here.

To anyone looking for a peaceful island to relax on, I’d thoroughly recommend Koh Lanta. There is some nightlife, it’s not Bangkok or Koh Pah-Ngan, but there are some good parties. There are pharamacies, internet cafes and so on. There’s no hospital here though, so don’t go renting a motorbike and get yourself in a mess!

So goodbye Koh Lanta, hello the next phase of my travels.

3 thoughts on “Koh Lanta Conclusion”

  1. i wished you happiness and peace of mind wherever you go. thanks for the thailand experience sharing and looking forward for more!

    keep them coming callum.

  2. Hey sweets,
    ok so after being back to Gala for a visit today, I realised I was still quite attached to the place. So a new chapter is needed in my world, travelling seems interesting. Although I have to have my shoes and I don’t travel light!!!! Maybe I’ll just admire your pictures and keep reading what you’ve been up to. Enjoy the diving, I hear its fab. Lynsey Grant was asking after you.

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