Death Sentences

I’ve just heard that the two men convicted of raping and murdering Kath Horton have been given the death sentence. I don’t know any further details at this time.

It’s hard to describe how I feel about it. Does murder every justify murder? I honestly don’t know.

I hope at least Kath’s family can now know that Thai justice has not failed their daughter as I believe it fails so many other young women. I hope you can now rest in peace Kath.

3 thoughts on “Death Sentences”

  1. my whole heart goes for kath. but i do not believe in death penalty. it will not bring kath back yo life.

  2. I agree.I don’t think the “eye for an eye” tactic helps anyone.It seems an extreme way of dealing with a horrific situation and it doesn’t deal with the bigger issues as to why these things happen in the first place.I suspect that these two men are being made an example of as the story was all over the papers,therefore something extreme had to be done to ensure Thailands booming tourist industry doesn’t get too damaged by bad press.Apparently the incidence of murder in Thailand is actually fairly high.According to an article in The Observer there’s been five murders reported in eight weeks on Ko Samui aswell as a series of incidents involving backpackers including drownings,shootings and rapes over the last few years.Attacks on women are not exactly unheard of.Thailands tourist industry has apparently jumped from 4 million to 14 million in the last ten years, the consequences of this on a third world country can’t be good.However I think the brutallity in this circumstance is beyond words.I really feel for Kath’s family and friends.

  3. I guess the capital punishment debate is one that rages independently of this situation. I’m trying not to get caught up in what I think they should have done. It’s Thai justice for Thai people. Thai people know there is the death penalty and the sort of crime for which it is handed out. Who knows?

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