Bangkok Continues

Great day in Bangkok today. Got loads done. Bought some new jeans, got my long overdue hair cut, took my watch in to get fixed, got prices on some cameras, caught up on some emails, found chicken satay on the street, it’s been a rocking day.

We were heading for a shop on wireless road across town and jumped on a bus not quite sure if it was the right one. The conductress (is that a word?) didn’t speak any English so a guy stepped in to help us translate. We explained where we were heading and he said he’d take us there as we needed to get a subway after the bus. He literally walked us right to the end of the street and then said, head off up there. Thai hospitality, it’s on a par with the Scots! šŸ™‚

Sitting in a bar on free internet access now so better get back to the important business of beer!

2 thoughts on “Bangkok Continues”

  1. nice one mate, I am sick with jealously. I am chained to my desk just now suffering the 9-5 rat race. I presume you are in Gullivars

  2. where is that place where i drink my beer and have a free internet, callum? i am interested to see that place.

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