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An article recently appeared in Closer Magazine regarding the death of Kath Horton. The headline and story content suggests that in some way I felt guilty about what happened. I would like to formally and publicy refute this.

In these situations it is natural to think things like “If only I’d done something different”, “If only I’d gone to see where Kath was”, etc. However, at no time during my interview for Closer did I suggest that I or Ruth Adams had feelings of guilt. The agency I dealt with have also stated that they did not pass this on to Closer.

I believe I have been mis-quoted and I believe it has presented both Ruth Adams and myself incorrectly. I will be sending a letter to this effect to Closer Magazine.

4 thoughts on “Closer Magazine”

  1. “If only…” does imply a feeling of guilt. The question is, to what degree of
    guilt? It’s staggeringly easy to look at things in retrospect and say to yourself
    ” I should have done this or I should have done that” This suggests humanity in wanting to make things better…and a little guilt in thinking that if someone
    had gone with her it might not have happened. IF you did go with her, some
    other girl might have been picked instead of her, and some other guy would
    be in your place. The issue of guilt suggesting the opposite feeling of innocence does not apply here. The magazine hacks do their usual thing
    of taking a small feeling or a small incident and blowing it up to appear more sensational. You should know by now NEVER to believe anything in the press as (in my experience anyway) they always get it wrong.
    As for writing to the magazine…save your ink. Unless it’s slanderous or libellous there’s no point in doing anything other than the good old male solution of a few beers and a good old rant. Even if it’s a rant to a Thai guy who can’t speak English…have a rant. The issue is not guilt but experience. What would you do next time?

  2. Your bound to feel a bit of grief in this circumstance.Even if you hadn’t known Kath for very long it’s a totally human response to a horrific situation that’s close to home for you, I wouldn’t spend any time beating yourself up about it.There’s no point in thinking “what if ?”Yeh I guess a few beers and a good rant may well be good advice.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not beating myseful up over asking what if, it’s only natural. I’m just disappointed in a magazine with whom I had cooperated to produce the story so misquoted what I said to them. It’s printed now, nothing can be done, but I’ll drop them an email to let them know all the same.

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