Bangkok Nightlife

I went out with a British journalist who lives in Bangkok last night. We started in a smart wee bar in the middle of the Japanese red light district. Guiness on tap in a civilised little pub surrounded by lap dancing bars, strip clubs, ladyboys and anything else that takes your fancy in Bangkok. Fantastic!

Then we went to an entire street of clubs. Andrew walked straight in the front door, I followed and a security guy grabbed me pointing at my feet. Apparently my uber-stylish Birkenstocks are not acceptable footwear in such an establishment. He pointed me across the street to what I thought was a shoe stall but I discovered was in fact a shoe rental stall.

So I rented me a pair of canvas sneakers, apparently more appropriate footwear, for a mere 50 baht. A beer in the club was 160 baht. What the f***?? Initially I thought it was a scam to get money out of tourists, but 50 baht, that’s less than a beer in almost any bar in town. Thanfully, the black and white sneakers matched my outfit perfectly, so all was not lost.

All you fashion gurus out there I’m sure are just pining to see my latest black and white look, fear not, photos will be winging their way to you over the cyber shortly…

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