Let There Be Music

I’m writing in the MBK centre where internet access is a mere 30 baht per hour on the smartest, most advanced machines you’ve ever seen. 19″ flat screen TFT monitors, 1Gb of RAM, big comfy white leatherette armchairs, it’s a gamers paradise. I’m surrounded by probably 50 geeks all battling it out on the cyber.

Anyway, the moral of the story is, I’ve bought some speakers. For a mere 500 baht (£7 GBP), including batteries, I bought a set of speakers which I can power from the computer and play either my iPod or my laptop through. Wonderful, so after about two months, I’ll be reunited with my music collection in the very near future!

One thought on “Let There Be Music”

  1. that is the place to emjoy internet to the fullest: luxurious seats, fast connections, cool computer units. that is where i go whenever i am somewhere in siam. that place rocks! yo!

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