Film: King Kong

I went to see King Kong in the MBK Centre in Bangkok today. Asia has an obsession with air-conditioning. Ask Ferg (new window) and he’ll tell you his lectures in Singapore are so cold that you have to take a jumper. Well the cinema in Bangkok was that cold, I was blooming freezing in my shorts and tshirt.

Temperature aside, King Kong is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. Parts of it were funny because they were so bad, Ranj and I were literally wetting ourselves, but most of it is just painful. Roland thougt it was a great film when he saw it in Japan, but what can I say, his taste in films is clearly rubbish!

My advice, avoid King Kong, save your money and most importantly, don’t let them steal three hours of your life, it’s dreadful!

5 thoughts on “Film: King Kong”

  1. NO…the film to avoid is Brokeback bloody Mountain. Don’t believe the
    hype. The only reason it’s so “controversial” is that it’s gay cowboys. And
    as every red neck good ol boy knows, cowboys are the last bastion of
    man in a land that’s already crazy. John Wayne, the Marlboro man.
    Save your money and your time. The story is crapola. Match Point. Now
    there’s a STORY and a reason to watch a film…

  2. I thought it was o.k.Most of the woman in the cinema were crying at the end.Though I think the two main characters could’ve saved themselves a lot of hasstle if they’d only moved to San Francisco.I guess it’s a wee bit contraversial.Well i’ve certainlly heard a lot of guys protesting a bit too much about it.

  3. just think if the director took a sissy when someone had an adverse reaction to a film the same way as you do when someone doesnt like a tune on your i pod. Whats the point in subjectivity when you can have a taste democracy? Or wasnt that your point of view?

  4. this time i have to disagree with you callum. i enjoyed watching kingkong. well, to each his own 🙂

  5. Ooh Mr Vanilla, an interesting point… I’d say my view is more about what I percieve to be “taste snobbery”! I don’t mind if other people (the fools that they are) liked King Kong, I’m merely expressing my view and advising against wasting three hours of your life! 😉

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