Bangkok Hotel Bonanza

I think I’ve now stayed in 4 different places in Bangkok. We moved up in the world because for the same money we had our own little bit of beach on top of the D&D Inn on Khao San Road. The next move swapped one pool for another…

Thailand Bangkok Hotel Pool

The roof top pool of the D&D became the rather more street level pool of Green Guesthouse…

Thailand Bangkok Guesthouse Pool

Needless to say the latter is significantly cheaper. While Roland has spent the last two nights in the lap of luxury in a 1300 baht a night, air-conditioned, hot showering, television equipped palace of a hotel, I’ve been staying in Green Guesthouse for a mere 200 baht a night!

7 thoughts on “Bangkok Hotel Bonanza”

  1. this roland guys sounds like a classy and sophisticated gentlemen staying in a luxurious hotel! forget Green Guesthouse it’s full of Isreali’s!

  2. Johnson, you say, interesting, in Thailand yourself are you, perhaps in the very same internet cafe I’m using now, perhaps sitting next to me are you? Hmm, could you in fact be called ROLAND?

  3. Having just reviewed my log of comments, it would appear that this so called Johnson is in fact in the same internet cafe, how very odd!

  4. The D&D is 750 baht a night for a double or twin room with air-con, tv, etc. You’ve got to watch which room you get though, they don’t all have windows and some are near the building work which can be a pain in the rear at 7am!

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