Hot Cold Reversal

At home, I live in a heated house, travel on heated transport, and work in a heated office. If I feel cold I instictively head indoors to find warmth and shelter from the cold. In Bangkok, you stay in air-con cooled accomodation, travel on air-con cooled transport and visit air-con cooled cinemas and shopping centres. If you feel cold, as you do in most places unless you’re wearing a jumper, you head outside. It’s just plain weird!

Not to mention the environment question, why is all this money being wasted on chilling huge shopping centres, offices, hotels, cinemas, you name it, to the point where poeple feel uncomfortably cold? Surely raising the temperature a few degrees would save millions on energy bills with all the benefiits therein. Asian logic…

One thought on “Hot Cold Reversal”

  1. Experienced that in a few places.Including, (yes,believe it or not,) Pizza Hut in Delhi (classy place) and a few places in Barcelona.

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