More Beer & Free Internet

Can you believe it? I’m supposed to be ill yet I find myself in another version of the bar we found with free internet. Yes, it’s true, there is a second Gulliver’s in Bangkok. I know, I could barely believe it myself the other day. It’s actually bigger than the Khao San Road version, with no less than 9, yes that’s nine, pool tables.

Although for all the increased size there’s definitely also a larger population of lady boys in this version! It’s in the heart of Sukhumvit, the early part, where the girly bars abound. Naturally, with more upmarket hotels in the area, it’s got much less of a backpacker feel, but the abundance of people and pool tables is making up so far. That and draught beer, you can’t really complain can you? 🙂

3 thoughts on “More Beer & Free Internet”

  1. So you will be an expert at Pool soon? Or are the Ladyboys kickin your arse??
    (i said kickin mate)!!

  2. seen that place but never hang out yet. gulliver’s khao san is where i usually go but i do not drink much there because the beer is expensive as compared to the many open air bars in khao san road.

  3. Expert at pool, give it time, when (should I say if???) I make it back to Edinburgh, I expect to be dishing out some pain, but it’ll take a bit of practice yet…

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