Chinese New Year 2006 in Bangkok

We went down to China town to see some of the new year celebrations. The whole thing seemed to last all weekend, but we only saw a small part of it, grabbed some snaps and then headed back. The pics are online, click the pic below to see all of them.

Thailand Bangkok Chinese NY

4 thoughts on “Chinese New Year 2006 in Bangkok”

  1. i was trying to be in bangkok by 28 february to catch the chinese new year celebration but my work did not allow me, so i will be in bangkok by feb 3 instead 🙁

  2. Chinese NY has just passed, so I’m not sure 28 Feb or 3 Mar would be any good. I’m 99.99% sure it was last weekend.

  3. sorry for the confusion callum. i meant january 28 and not february 28. i wanted to come on january 28 to catch the january 29 celebration.

    i will be in bangkok later tonight. yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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