Finally left the apartment

We finally left the apartment about 10:30 this evening after about 24 hours during which we eat, slept, and played the ps2. We found a supermarket just down the road yesterday so we stocked up on all the essentials. Banana muffins, crisps, cereal, etc. We finally managed to buy some bowls and spoons, so we can actually eat the cereal we’ve had for days!

Yet again I’m popping a wee update on from Gullivers bar, although this time in Sukhumvit. I’m beginning to realise that this is a very different area from backpacker capital Khao San Road. It’s a Wednesday night and the patrons (posh word for customers!) of Gullivers this evening are almost without exception old farang (foreign) men and young Thai women. Now it may be entirely innocent, but even if you’d only been in Thailand for an hour, you’d know what goes on here.

The last time we were here we went out afterwards with a couple of Thai girls we’d met a few times. They took us to a “club” they always go to. 400 baht (6 beers anywhere else) entry, free for girls. It was called “Love Club”. I’ve never seen anything less like love in my life.

I was unashamedly hit on by one woman who had seen me earlier in Gullivers. Normally I’d be flattered, she certainly was keen. I said, only slightly joking, she was only interested in my money. It’d sound tongue in cheek at home, she said she was a lot interested in me and only a little in my money. Like only 2’000 ($50 US) baht for the whole night! 1’500 baht or even 1’000 baht for “short time” when I explained I wasn’t interested. That’s Bangkok for ya… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Finally left the apartment”

  1. Hey Callum. Surely you are going to have to try it sometime to get the full Thai experience????! Yours, now in San Fran, and truly knackered, JC.

  2. So, let me get this straight…. you travel thousands of miles to some of the most beautiful places (well, they would be without all the sodding backpackers) in south-east Asia…….

    ….. and then sit in an apartment doing just what you’d do back at home?!

    Just get a caravan and go to the Cairngorms!! And there, granted, it’d be sheep instead of Thai girls, but hey 🙂

  3. That’s basically the jist of it, but it’s the quality of life man. When we do decide to leave the apartment it’s warm, there are Thai people everywhere, and it costs no more than £1 to go anywhere in a taxi. An expensive beer in a top club is all of £2. You see where I’m coming from? 🙂

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