Food in Thailand

With my ps2 addiction now at it’s peak, I’ve noticed that I haven’t been eating particularly regularly. We have a good month’s supply of banana muffins and we’re only just starting to run out of cereal, so I’ve been living on that for the last few days. It’s crazy, in a city like Bangkok, that I’m not eating enough, it’s just plain crazy.

I just ate two main courses, soup, and a bottle of water for 102 baht or $2.50 US. That’s nothing. It’s insane. I wasn’t even eating on the street, that was in a restaurant, in the MBK centre. Air conditioned, table service. Super efficient, the food arrived almost instantly. For the price of one beer in a nice bar I had two main courses, soup and a drink.

I was thinking earlier that people say one of the best things about Thailand is the food. I’m on a mission to sample it all from now on, my days of playstation playing without food are over. From now on I’ll be a well nourished playstation addict! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Food in Thailand”

  1. Dear Mr MacDoonald,
    I find it downright offensive that a privileged person such as yourself is complaining about nourishment.
    The stationmaster won’t even give me second elpings. And the food, well it’s all grey and lumpy. Day in day out its the same. Bertha the dinner lady seems to think her menu is interesting but to me its just shades of grey. If she were to hear you talk like that you’d be right over her lap getting a dose of the wooden spoon.
    Not only that but what’s been happening to your stories..? They used to be colourful and interesting and inspire me to dream of life outside the work – house. But now your epic voyages have been reduced of tales of walks to the TV and back, now that you’re besotted with your new computerised gadget.
    I may be young but let me tell you something. Domestic Bliss is for pensioners and those with their finger forever over the pause button. Fair enough as a short sabbatical for someone who’s just travelled on an epic riddled journey to the other side of the planet sleeping rough and living out a bag (err, wait a minute…checking notes… you have), but it sure don’t make for interesting reading. Someone liek you should be an ambassador of adventure, dishing out tattered postcards from the other side of the unknown, not setting up a direct debit with the milkman.

  2. Hi ej hope your keeping good.Keep in touch and we can hook up if your back before I go home.Got Thai simm card now no is [cut] if you need to call.Highly amused at comment from the emaciated orphan above.

  3. Sorry guys, but this is my blog, mine, all mine, for me, myself and I to discuss me and my lovely affairs! Anyway, you should have each other’s emails now so you can contact each other directly…

  4. Daer Olive Twist, an interesting point interestingly made. Life can’t be a non-stop adventure you know, one must stop to procure the financial means to support the adventure now and then. All swashbuckling and no work make Callum an even poorer boy!

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    hey there callum! have fun always!
    great to have those beer with you and gill!

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