Rain in Bangkok

It rained today. Not just a little shower, it really, really rained. I mean it poured. It bucketed down. It was raining cats and dogs as the saying goes. A torrential downpour. Ahh, the Scots have one or two words for it aye! 🙂

It’s the first rain I’ve seen in Bangkok and we’ve been here almost a month. I wondered where all the water came from, I was remarking on it just the other day!

It almost makes me feel at home. Although it’s still only t-shirt weather and I’m wearing shoes not wellies, so it’s not quite on a Scottish scale! But it rained all the same…

3 thoughts on “Rain in Bangkok”

  1. I used to wonder why there was dry canals all over Singapore, until i saw one while it was raining…they turn into mini-amazon rivers! It’s a bit of a strange sensation, being so hot when it’s raining…and it kinda comes fast then goes fast…it’s all a bit odd. In fact, i quite enjoy it (if i’m inside and don’t need to go out) because it cools the air down a bit which is nice!
    When i got back here after Christmas it literally rained for 4 days non-stop, stopped for a few hours, then rained for another 3…it was crazy!

  2. Aye that was a tad torrential.Thought I was going to have to rent a dinghy to get down Ko San Rd.But it was a bit cooler this morning which is good.

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