A Cool Day in Bangkok

My dear darling dad has bought me a lovely little Canon SD200 aka Ixus 30 (new window) which will be winging it’s way to me in a matter of days. What does this mean I hear you cry? Pictures. Lots of pictures. Regular pictures. Crazy pictures. Much more frequent pictures on my blog. Ooh, I can feel the excitement in the air already.

It’s actually quite a cool day in Bangkok today. All that rain yesterday must have cooled the place down a bit. It’s nice to be out and feel a bit of a breeze. I remember reading Fergus (new window) talking about this sort of sensation in Singapore while I was at home. It somehow seemed totally alien and yet now it seems totally natural. Oh how times change. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Cool Day in Bangkok”

  1. hey babe,

    …you and your gadgets…lol. will look forward to those pics! 😉

    keep safe….xx

  2. Hey mr. yeah you Mr MacDonald. Things are so much better at the workhouse now that they have reacted to mr olivers new dinners programme by replacing our gruel with muller light!
    Thanks to the colourful packaging and branding, I feel so much better about the nutritional content of my meal.

  3. Strike a pose for me baby. Flex em. No not you… you, thats right, up against that wall. Spread em! Lower.. Gasp..In between my busy shooting schedule, and flossing, a young whippersnapper like you catches my attention. Camera change? smart move kid… what… no I dont care if shes old, the wrinklier the better…yep a small camera like that, being portable and all, I can see the potential. Does that mean your ditching the bigger camera? …excuse me…no, tell her to hug the camel and say “band aid” band aid, band aid” “it really flexes the jaw, don’t it – by the way, did I tell you you have a beautiful chiseled jaw?… sorry, where was I, yeah pictures baby, pictures are worth a thousand words, you can ditch all those words.. just think how light your rucksack will be…

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