Videos Coming Soon

I know you’re all excited about the impending arrival of my new digital camera. Well I’m sure you’ll be even more excited to learn that the camera can shoot little videos, and what’s more, I’ll be able to embed them in my blog. How very exciting! Thanks to the lovely service offered by for free, uploading and sharing videos should be a cinch. Here’s a wee sample to see if you’ll be able to view my videos when they start flowing…

Crazy or what?

3 thoughts on “Videos Coming Soon”

  1. Hey Callum. Glad to hear all is well! Good news re the poss. job – a little extra cash won’t hurt! Can u remind me what the date of your bday is (please email to my workey one)?. Ta, JC.

  2. Much better. Just as long as it’s not shots of you playing PlayStation!

    Show us some sights of Bangkok, local people, markets, rain, corrupt policemen, that sort of thing….

  3. ….bring it on…and i hope that computery thing is featuring less in your daily activities mr macdonald 😉

    nadsy xx

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