My First Video

It’s not exactly a video blog, but it is a video, shot on my camera (pics taken with my other camera of my camera to follow!), converted, hosted and brough to you by the lovely people at (new window).

It’s a little shot of Bangkok traffic on an early Friday afternoon…

You need flash player to see the video, which makes it super quick to download. If you haven’t already got this indispensable plugin for your browser click here to install it now (new window).

Comments on a postcard…

4 thoughts on “My First Video”

  1. That’s ridiculous.

    It’s got to be the most boring thing I’ve ever seen. (aside from watching the magnolia paint dry). I mean, come on, it’s not even interesting traffic!! So, here’s my shopping list of video clips:

    1. Proper traffic. I’m talking gridlocked carnage with tuktuk drivers driving over the bonnets of other cars.
    2. A proper bangkok party… I simply don’t believe it’s all that.
    3. A thai ladyboy doing a parody of an Apple “Why switch?” advert.

  2. Hahaha, I didn’t say it was an exciting video, I simply said it was a video! Interesting idea on the ladyboy apple parody though, I may have to investigate that one… 🙂

    PS> I might send you the Bangkok party video privately rather than post it on my blog, particularly if I actually appear in any of the scenes!

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